Steeplechase Pool and Recreational Facility Rules

(Revised 6/2013)


The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all Facility members. These rules have been established to assure the safe and sanitary operation of our facilities. Parents are requested to caution their guests and children to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the Recreation Facility Board members. Any failure to comply with these rules will be considered sufficient cause for suspension in compliance set forth in these rules and any enforcement provisions of the SRHA by-laws. Any objections to a responsible person’s decision must be made in writing to the SRHA Facility President. Please save yourself and the association embarrassment by complying with the regulations which will be enforced in the interest of the health and safety of all our members.

All persons using the recreation facility do so at their own risk. SRHA will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries in connection with the use of the facilities. SRHA will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO THE POOL OR TENNIS COURTS.

No pets are allowed on Facility property unless on a leash. Please clean up after your pet.

These rules and regulations may be revised at any time at the discretion of the SRHA Board of Directors. Any changes will be posted in a conspicuous location in the pool area. Your suggestions and recommendations are welcome and should be submitted in writing to the Board or presented at a general membership meeting.


Recreation Facility dues are set yearly by the SRHA board. Dues are calculated based on current community dues plus additional fees . Late fees may apply. Membership in  SRHA is  voluntary , your support helps maintain the swim tennis area and improves your home value. 

No member may use the facility without first paying their dues in full. Members resigning membership during the season shall receive no reimbursement of their dues. Any homeowner who moves in after March 1st will not be assessed a late fee.


All facility members will be issued a Facility Entry Fob. Fobs must be used to enter the facility and must be kept at poolside at all times. Replacement fobs cost $5.00 each. An updated listing of members will be kept at the pool to verify membership.

To protect your investment and avoid unauthorized use, all members are asked to NOT open the gate for others. Entry is by fob only.


Hours will be posted in the newsletter and at the pool.


The Facility President may close the pool at any time when in their judgment, conditions may jeopardize the safety of those using the facility. The pool will be re-opened by the Facility President if the weather clears or other concerns have been resolved.

The pool is closed to members during swim meets. The Steeple Station swim team schedule will be posted in the breezeway. Steeplechase Facility members are welcome to use the pool at Jefferson Station during swim meets only.


Members whose dues are paid in full and remain in good standing may use the pool. A master list will be kept on file at the pool and may be checked as needed. All members, including children, must have an entry fob to enter the pool area.

Parents, children and grandchildren, other family members (brother, sisters) of members and bonafide house guests from outside Steeplechase Subdivision will be permitted full use of the pool facilities when accompanied by a member.

Other guests must be from outside Steeplechase Subdivision. Guest must sign the Guest Register prior to using the facility. The Register requires name, address and the name of the member to whom they are a guest. GUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THAT MEMBER FOR THE DURATION OF THE USE OF THE FACILITY. The guest registry is located in the information box attached to the entry gate.


Children not potty trained or who normally wear diapers are not allowed admittance into any pool unless wearing swimming diapers covered with tight fitting rubber pants. NO REGULAR DISPOSABLE DIAPERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN ANY POOL. SWIMMING DIAPERS ALONE WILL ALSO NOT BE ALLOWED.

Due to the lack of daily lifeguards, children under FOURTEEN years of age must be accompanied by a responsible party at least 16 years of age.

 Please recognize that the pool facilities are not operated for CHILDCARE SERVICE. Weather or hazardous conditions may require closing the facilities. Failure to comply with these rules can require dismissal of the child from the facilities. Be sure your child has instructions for these contingencies and that a responsible party is available for phone contact if necessary. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO SEND CONTACT INFORMATION WITH YOUR UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN EACH TIME THEY USE THE FACILITY.



1. All bathers must take a shower prior to using the pool

2. Parents are cautioned to have children use the toilet before taking a shower or using the pool.

3. Persons having a skin disease or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal, or communicable disease will be excluded from using the pool.

4. Persons having open blisters, cuts or skin abrasions are hereby warned that they might become infected and are advised not to use the pool.

5. Spitting, spouting of water or blowing the nose in the pool is strictly forbidden.

6. No hair pins or curlers may be worn at any time in the pool.

7. All children and babies in diapers must have on a clean, swimming diaper covered with tight fitting rubber pants. NO REGULAR DISPOSABLE DIAPERS ALLOWED.

8. No pets will be allowed within the pool enclosure.

9. No smoking is permitted in the pool area, pavilions or the playground.

10. No chewing gum will be permitted in the pool area.

NOTE: Due to the strict regulations put upon swim team facilities, the pool must meet chlorine requirements and maintain safe levels of chlorine. The pool water is checked regularly and adjusted to properly maintain chlorine and pH levels. Correctly maintained water can sometimes appear cloudy depending on the chemicals present and the pH of the water. If you are concerned, ask a Facility Board member to verify the condition of the pool water.


There will be a fine imposed to any member responsible for fecal contamination of either the main pool or the baby pool. The serious nature of this accident requires an emergency service call and the closure of the pool for 24 hours.

Clean-up Fee: $150 for the emergency service call.

Pool Closure Fee: Equivalent to the cost of one day of pool service.



2. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed in the main pool without an adult eighteen years of age or older. Children in the wading pool must be under 6 years of age and attended by an adult.

3. WALK, no running in the pool area.

4. No pushing or “horseplay” shall be permitted in or around the pool area.

5. No Frisbees or hard ball throwing will be allowed in the pool area.

6. No flips from the side of the pool.

7. All life jackets must be “Coast Guard Approved”.

8. Air mattresses, swim fins, masks and other accessories shall be limited to times when their use will not interfere with other swimmers’ use of the pool.

9. Up to two lanes can be reserved for lap swimming after 7:00 p.m. Lane ropes are stored in front of the shed. Lap swimmers may install the ropes themselves.

10. Chairs, lounges, etc. are primarily for use by adults. Children should relinquish them when the pool and or deck is full.

11. Roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, etc. are not allowed on the pool deck.

12. Activities that are potentially harmful or dangerous are not allowed on facility property. Use of firearms, airsoft guns, BB guns, slingshots, knives, or any weapons are prohibited.


1. Swimming IS AT YOUR OWN RISK and is subject to all pool rules.

2. All bathers must wear generally accepted swimming attire, bathing suits only will be permitted in the pool, no cut-offs.

3. No glass objects other than eyeglasses shall be allowed in the pool area.

4. Food and beverages will be permitted in areas at least five feet from the pool.

5. Beverages in non-glass containers may be consumed on the pool deck.

6. Unauthorized off-hours use of the pool by any member or individual is subject to the following:

A) Notice to police

B) A $25.00 fine for the first offense

C) A months’ suspension for the 2nd offense

D) Loss of membership for the family for the 3rd offense.

These measures are separate from the normal disciplinary procedures described under discipline.

7. All persons showing signs of intoxication on facility property may be denied the use of the facility, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

8. No profane or abusive language will be tolerated.

9. All trash, paper, etc. must be placed in containers provided. You are responsible for food brought into the pool area and the cleaning of spillage by either you or your children.

10. Bikes must be stored in the bike rack and must not block drive, entrance, sidewalks or be parked in the shrubbery. No bikes will be allowed on sidewalks around pool or tennis courts.

11. Please refrain from using any equipment used by the swim team such as kickboards, etc. The equipment is owned by the swim team and is not meant for the use of facility members unless they are also swim team members.

12. Safety equipment and a first aid kit are accessible to members in the event of an emergency. The equipment is for emergency purposes only and may not be used for any other reason. Improper use of safety equipment will result in disciplinary action.


The following disciplinary procedures will be followed: (These actions are for basic infractions, such as running, dunking, horseplay, etc.) Members may use their discretion for disciplinary action. In all cases, the Facility President should be notified of any action taken. Disciplinary Reports are located in the member information box located on the entry gate.

1. First infraction: warning to the person.

2. Second infraction: (in some cases a second warning may be needed) normally sit the person out for between 10 and 15 minutes. Do not allow them to talk with anyone at this time or touch the pool water.

3. Third infraction or FIRST MAJOR infraction: (in some cases a second sitting out may be needed.) Consult the Facility President and send the individual home for the rest of the day.

4. If this is done a discipline report must be written up with one copy kept on file at the pool, one copy given to the Facility Board of Directors, one copy should be given to the parents of the individual (if the individual is 21 years of age or younger) as soon as possible.

5. The above procedures refer to one day of operations.

MINOR INFRACTIONS: Running, minor horsing around, diving in shallow areas of the pool.

MAJOR INFRACTIONS: Cursing at members, fighting, stealing, etc. Anyone vandalizing the premises will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law plus damages.


The enforcement of all rules and regulations are entrusted to the Recreational Facility Board and current Facility members. Any complaints concerning the management of the pool may be registered with a SRHA Facility Board member, who will immediately see to it that your complaint is brought to the attention of the Board.

Persons may be removed from the pool or recreation facility for misconduct at any members’ discretion by the authority given by the SRHA Board of Directors.

In the interest of health and safety, the Board of Directors shall have the authority, at their discretion, to enact additional rules. These rules and regulations are subject to interpretation by the SRHA Facility Board.

All rules and regulations are subject to the existing county, state and federal laws.


 The Fishing Pond is for use by facility members. All fishing is done on a “catch/release” basis. No live fish may be permanently removed from the pond

 The pond near the recreation facility is not guarded and members should warn children that wading and/or swimming is forbidden. Boating is allowed at your own risk. Walking at the edge should be done with caution. SHRA SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES WHICH OCCUR IN CONNECTION WITH THE POND.

Steeplechase is responsible for maintaining an eco-friendly pond that does not pollute waters beyond the subdivision. Therefore, a $50 fine will be assessed to anyone found throwing trash or other debris into the pond. A second offense will result in another $50 fine and a call to the Gwinnett County authorities. A third offense will result in another call to the authorities and the suspension of the person involved from any Facility activities for the remainder of the year.

Please be sure to remove all tackle when leaving.  Fishing line, hooks, etc. can be dangerous to people and wildlife.


1.    The pavilion is for the benefit of Facility members in good standing.

2.    Facility grounds are under video surveillance.

3.    The pavilion will be open during regular pool season hours for the benefit of paid facility members. Pavilion use is not allowed after 11 PM.

4.    Members are expected to clean up after themselves and are bound by all pool /facility use rules including but not limited to No smoking is permitted in the pool area, pavilions or the playground, No glass objects other than eyeglasses shall be allowed in the pool area, Food and beverages will be permitted in areas at least five feet from the pool.

5.    Absolutely no alcohol is to be left in Pavilion overnight. If alcohol is provided at any time, the renter assumes full responsibility for any liability of alcohol-related incidents and accepts legal responsibility of ensuring no one under 21 is consuming alcohol at the facility.

6.    Any damage by any member or member’s child or guest will be the financial responsibility of that member.

7.     The pavilion may be rented in accordance with Pavilion Rental agreement. Secretary will ensure   that notice is placed on pavilion within 24 hours of rental. Reservation reserves the pavilion only for exclusive use. Grill, pool, courts, playground etc. remain shared with Facility members. 

8.    Pavilion may be utilized at any time for meetings or gathering in accordance with general facility rules. When a guarantee of use is needed resident will pay rental fee.

9.    Pavilion may be reserved Monday through Thursday for meetings by civic groups held by facility members in good standing at no charge.  Arrangements must be made through Steeplechase Secretary. Guaranteed use on the weekend and when using the pool requires reservation fee. 

10.  Cleanup is the responsibility of resident arranging meeting or gathering.  Any damage by any member or member’s child or guest will be the financial responsibility of that member. Markers, crayons, lighters etc. are to be removed after any event. No open flame is allowed except for birthday candles.

11. Lights and fans should be turned off, all doors should be closed when leaving in the evening, bathroom lights and fans should be off and doors locked.

12. SRHA assumes no responsibility for lost or left articles. Lost and found will be donated on a semi regular basis. Written notice will be placed on pavilion within 24 hours.

13. Donations of gently used quality outdoor furniture will be accepted after approval by full board.

14. The refrigerator is available for temporary use. All items except condiments should be removed at the end of day.  Refrigerator contents will be emptied on a routine basis without notification.

15. Pavilion may be locked at any time by the discretion of the SRHA board. Notice will be sent by email and posting on Pavilion doors.


17. An extra Fob can be issued for guest use. Renter’s security deposit will be retained until fob is returned. 


The playground is for use by Facility members only. Parent supervision is strongly suggested.


The barbeque pit located inside the back pool gate is for use by Facility members only. Members are required to bring their own charcoal and lighter fluid.

Please exercise caution when using the pit and keep children under close supervision.

As with any area of the pool, please clean up the area after usage.


The fire pit is located at the far end of the parking lot near the volley ball court and is for use by any Facility member over the age of 14. No on under 14 years of age can use the fire pit without adult supervision.. Fires should be no larger than a moderate campfire.

Members are required to provide a water source as a safety precaution when using the fire pit.

Please exercise caution when using the fire pit and keep children under close supervision.

Members must make sure that fire is completely out, with no burning or smoldering embers when they leave.

Please clean up area after usage.


The volley ball court is located at the far end of the parking lot and is for use by Facility members only.  Reservations can be made at

Members must provide their own volley ball.

Please clean up area after usage.